Company Profile

Java Kulit was founded in 1991 in Balikpapan, East Borneo, Indonesia. Our traditional business model is selling the variety of classic and elegant leather goods. In addition to work on retail leather industry, in 2015 we have also working on manufacture to produce special order for our special clients. All products are 100 percent handmade by Indonesian talented craftsmen using very high quality of genuine leather. 
Java Kulit created with a single goal in mind, "Build the best leather products available, using high-quality materials sourced from beautiful Indonesia". The key factors make Java Kulit unique are still the limited item, and the best quality and design which is the result of highly skilled collaborated with creativity, imagination, and innovation.
Through generations, Java Kulit continues to have one of Indonesia's most unique basic collections. A collection with the best combination of quality and price.



1. Leather Jacket is Timeless
Fashion trends come and go from year to year, but a leather jacket isn’t a throwaway item. It’s a piece to invest in and once you’ve got it, it’ll last lifetime. Buying a leather jacket is a commitment – not just a financial one. It’s one that’ll give your casual wear a boost in an instant and of course, it will never go out of style.

2. Leather Jacket is Easy to Match
you can always change your outfit, but what if you still can’t find the right clothes to wear with it? Thankfully, this isn’t a problem with leather jackets. The simple, classic style of leather jackets makes them easy to match with other garments. By adding this ‘luxe basic’ you’ll be surprised at how it extends your fashion look with absolute ease. Day to evening with very little effort. From daytime looks with jeans or joggers to teaming it with your fave little black dress you'll be able to chuck this on with anything. 

3. Leather Jacket has Attitude
Leather jacket has the ability to change our behaviour, the allure of a great lifestyle and feel positive about ourselves. This luxurious material, when worn, has the surprising ability to give us immediate poise, confidence and feel ‘more expensive’. It’s a wardrobe piece that doesn’t need to work too hard in making you look good.